Episode #12: Matthew Barnett – Startups, ‘Stralia & (Bear) Suits

Building something a bit different

Matthew Barnett, CEO and Founder of Bonjoro & Verbate

Episode #11: Chris Townsend – Powering the Marketing Pipeline

Innovating and the art taking of calculated risks

Chris Townsend, CMO, Wellspring

Episode #10: Alex Turnwall – Designing for Success

Test, Fail and Grow

Alex Turnwall, UX & Product Design, AdmitHub

Episode #9: Ryan Sorley – Delivering Actionable Insights

Win, Lose, or Jeans

Ryan Sorley,
CEO & Founder of DoubleCheck Research

Episode #8: Dana Jay Bein – Funny Business

Building a bridge to your audience

Dana Jay Bein,
Comedian, Teacher & All-Around Good Guy

Episode #7: Don Schuerman – Not your everyday CTO

Blending Product, Sales, Marketing and…Comedy

Don Schuerman, CTO & Vice President of Product Marketing at Pegasystems

Episode #6: Andrew Hally – From Consulting to CMO

Disrupting the Status Quo

Andrew Hally,
CMO of Allego

Episode #5: Marlow Hicks – Sales, Sports & Podcasting

Sales, Sports & Podcasts

Marlow Hicks, Jr., Business Development, EnsoData & Co-Host of 132 Breese Podcast

Episode #4: Brian Buell – Community Building with Crossfit

Building Business, Bodies, and Community

Brian Buell,
Founder & Owner of Commonwealth Crossfit

Episode #3: Jeff Foley – Scaling Marketing with Frameworks

Meet the King of (Marketing) Frameworks

Jeff Foley,
VP of Marketing, Luminoso

Episode #2: Chris Bent – Win, Lose or Draw – Just Do It Already!

Man of Many Zootilities

Chris Bent,
Founder of Piccles

Episode #1: Waseem Kawaf – Digital Marketing Tales from a Recovering Investment Banker

Career Changeup: Banking to Marketing

Waseem Kawaf, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, STANLEY Healthcare
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