The power of storytelling in advertising

I don’t know about you, but even though I’ve been working in sales and marketing for a while, one of the things I hate is… ADS!

  • Trying to catch the highlights from last night’s Red Sox game — not before you watch a barrage of ads.
  • Listening to soundtrack from Pitch Perfect on YouTube at work (don’t laugh, it’s my working zen music and I’ll happily pitch slap you) — except for an ad seemingly every other video
  • Binge watching How I Met Your Mother on Hulu — WAIT FOR IT — it’s time for 90 seconds of ads every 10 minutes

While I understand why we have ads, generally they are annoyances that interrupt what we were actually trying to do, but every so often a company puts out great brand marketing that you want to watch and dare I say even spend a summer Friday night staying in watching them.

That’s exactly what Wistia has done.

Last year they launched One, Ten, One Hundred, a video series showcasing the difference differences in making a video at three different budget levels: $1,000, $10,000 and $100,000. It was fascinating and an absolute must watch if you work in a creative or marketing function, or just have general interest in how videos are made. Besides bringing it’s signature whimsical Wistia style, they do a great job of storytelling along the way, and if I’m honest I started watching the first in the series of videos just to check it out and got sucked into a binge-worthy ‘Wistia and chill’ Friday night (I know, I know, you must be thinking I’m REALLY cool). But I realize some of you would rather just see the end product so here they are: $1,000, $10,000 and $100,000 – although I’d highly recommend watching the whole series start to finish.

And now they’ve done it again with Brandwagon

Brandwagon is an online talk show where you get to hear directly from marketers that are investing in their brands, in other words you get to take an inside look into the thinking, planning, and strategy that goes into great brand marketing. As if that wasn’t enough, they fix up a Volvo station wagon ‘Wistia-style’ (I don’t 100% know what that means but I’m guessing it’ll have at least one camera). If you’re a sales, marketing or storytelling nerd I’d highly recommend checking it out and here’s episode #1 with the head of brand marketing at Mailchip.

And in case you hadn’t already guessed the answer to ‘who wants to Wistia and chill‘ – it’s me – so just know I’ll be ‘Wistia and chilling’ right alongside of you. So grab some popcorn, your favorite Boston-based microbrew (I recommend any double IPA from Night Shift or Trillium), and enjoy!

Oh and if you feel reaaaaaaally industrious feel free share your favorite takeaway.

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