Kansas the Ultimate King of Marketing Reality

Kansas, As Big As You Think

I recently did a cross-country (well partial, really Boston to Boulder) drive to move my brother to his new job. It was a lot of fun but the one thing that stuck in my head across the how trip was Kansas.

That’s right, KANSAS!

The reason I say that is if you’ve ever driven across Kansas, it’s slogan — Kansas, As Big As You Think — rings true. But it made me think more broadly about marketing and how marketing alone is an incomplete sentence, much like Kansas, the product has got to live up to the promises it makes.

When it doesn’t you risk turning a potential advocate into a detractor, and unfortunately, I feel like the popularity of social media as a marketing channel has shifted far too far towards just pretty pictures and videos. To me, it’s gotten to the point where I’ve stopped trusting ads and any claims companies have, and instead fall back on first-hand experiences or ‘independent’ sources of verification.

So my question is, how do you effectively balance hype and reality when marketing a product? Or better yet which companies do it best.

Let me know your thoughts – I’m eager to hear suggestions.


PS – Despite a few of the BBQ place I wanted to visit Kansas City was pretty cool, I’d just recommend FLYING not DRIVING there.

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