The hidden cost of change

“You’re still on Pandora?!?!?! How old are you? You know Spotify is better because of x,y,z features…”

That’s the reaction I was met with when talking with a 20-something at a business meeting recently. What struck me, besides getting confirmation that I’m officially “Old,” was just how difficult it can be to get someone to change.

In this case, I know that this woman happened to be right, Spotify has a lot more functionality that Pandora and neither “costs” me anything so why haven’t I switched?

  • Stupidity (hopefully not)
  • Laziness (getting closer but still not there)
  • Added cost (sort of, but not quite)

Really it comes down to the “cost” of changing a habit:

  • Understanding what is possible
  • Learning a new app
  • Getting everything set up
  • Risk of making a bad choice

Despite overwhelming benefits, actually getting someone to change habits is extremly difficult. In terms of working with sales, that’s one of the things that was really difficult to understand – We gave you an amazing product, great resources, and 3rd party support! Why can’t you sell it?!?!? As Pandora vs. Spotify reminded me, the cost of change (even when hidden) is usually part of the answer.

What keeps you from changing and how do you overcome it? Comment below.

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