Snacking healthy never tasted soooooo good

I love highlighting companies that are doing really great product marketing and this week I’ll be focusing on Kalahari Biltong.

I just finished a Crossfit workout and was looking for a healthy paleo-friendly snack at the local convenience store nearby and because I’m a wild and crazy guy. So I pick up a blue, white, and orange package of what I thought was beef jerky (turns out biltong is a bit different – and tastier – *but we’ll get to that later). TASTEBUDS BLOWN! Kalahari Biltong instantly became my favorite snack, so much so that I went home googled the company and started ordering more on Amazon.

Fast forward to receiving my first shipment, yes it was still tasty (I’m a big fan of Original, but all are amazing I’m just not allowed to eat the Garlic around my wife), but that’s not what blew me away and really locked me in as a customer or really “fan” (read 1,000 true fans) which included a hand-written note from one of the founders thanking me for my order. MIND BLOWN. That level of personalization and service was a welcome surprise especially in an increasingly digital and automated world.

Now it could’ve easily stopped there. I’d still tell my friends about how they should try it, but they continually go above and beyond to cause delight and surprise. Whether it’s knowing my name (and no I did not know any of the founders personally – it just so happens they are also Boston based) at a chance meeting at #SOWA and giving me a couple bags to share in the sunhat , sending more personalized and quirky notes (one even had a $2 bill), or a surprise holiday celebration box (see header picture) that is one of the reasons I keep coming back and singing their praises.

Check them out at eatbiltong.com, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook @eatbiltong. Once you try it you’ll be converted, and let me know if there are any other great examples of product marketing I always love to learn and share!


*PS – Biltong isn’t the quite same thing as jerky, there are just 6 ingredients with 5 key components that distinguish Kalahari’s biltong: The Beef, The Seasoning, The Marinade, The Hang-Dry, The Slicing. Trust me you’ll taste the difference.

#ReallyGreatProductMarketing #Biltong #CustomerExperience #Product

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